As a global technology company focused on
specialty materials, Entegris offers advanced solutions
for next-generation technologies. Its BrightBlack®
family of precision-engineered carbon materials
can be tailored for a variety uses in clean and
sustainable technology solutions.
Gas Separation and Purification BrightBlack carbons are
unique in their small pore size and large micropore volume.
Microstructure can be tuned to maximize performance in a
variety of gas separation applications. Adsorbent products are
available as powders, microbeads, pellets, and monoliths.
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Energy Storage BrightBlack carbons are highly microporous,
high purity materials. Available as powders, these carbons
provide high volumetric capacitance, energy density, and
stability in electrochemical capacitor applications.
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Gas Storage and Delivery BrightBlack carbons
provide exceptional volumetric storage capacity
for light gases and provide improved productivity
and safety in process and energy applications.
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